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Vendor: EXIN
Exam Code: PR2F
Exam Name: PRINCE2® Foundation

What process covers the acceptance and execution of project work by external suppliers?

A.    Controlling a Stage
B.    Managing a Stage Boundary
C.    Managing Product Delivery
D.    Directing a Project

Answer: A

What is the goal of the ‘Identify context’ step within the recommended risk management procedure?

A.    Identify responses to risks identified in the Business Case
B.    Understand the specific objectives that are at risk
C.    Gather information about risks for inclusion in Highlight Reports to the Project Board
D.    Identify the threats and opportunities that may affect the project’s objectives

Answer: B

Which is a purpose of the Controlling a Stage process?

A.    Agree, perform and deliver project work
B.    Draft a plan for the next stage
C.    Agree stage tolerances
D.    Take action to make sure that the stage remains within tolerance

Answer: C

Which is an aim of the Starting up a Project process?

A.    Understand how and when the project’s products will be delivered and at what cost
B.    Ensure that there is authority to deliver the project’s products
C.    Do the minimum necessary in order to decide whether it is worthwhile to even initiate the project
D.    Create the set of management products required to control the project

Answer: A

Which is NOT a factor to consider when defining management stages?

A.    How long the project is
B.    When Team Managers are available
C.    When key decisions are required on the project
D.    The amount of risk within the project

Answer: B

What process ensures that plans for achieving the expected benefits are managed and reviewed?

A.    Managing Product Delivery
B.    Initiating a Project
C.    Directing a Project
D.    Starting up a Project

Answer: C

Which of the following are a purpose of an Issue Report?
1. Document an off-specification
2. Record an issue’s resolution
3. Capture all problems or concerns within the project
4. Capture recommendations for handling a request for change

A.    1, 2, 3
B.    1, 2, 4
C.    1, 3, 4
D.    2, 3, 4

Answer: A

Which product establishes the baseline against which the project’s actual performance is compared?

A.    Project Brief
B.    Product Status Account
C.    Project Initiation Documentation
D.    Configuration Item Record

Answer: C

Which is NOT identified when creating a product breakdown structure?

A.    Products to be created by internal resources
B.    Products to be modified
C.    Resources required to produce the products
D.    Products to be created by an external third party

Answer: C

Which defines the sequence in which the products of a plan should be developed?

A.    Product Description
B.    Product breakdown structure
C.    Project Product Description
D.    Product flow diagram

Answer: D

If a Work Package is forecast to exceed its tolerances, how should a Team Manager inform the Project Manager?

A.    Raise an Exception Report
B.    Issue an Exception Plan
C.    Raise an issue
D.    Raise a risk

Answer: C

What process enables an organization to understand the work that needs to be done to deliver a project’s products before it is approved?

A.    Directing a Project
B.    Initiating a Project
C.    Starting up a Project
D.    Controlling a Stage

Answer: B

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