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Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-066
Exam Name: Adobe ColdFusion 8 ACE Exam

You have a ColdFusion Component with a function that returns the total number of arguments passed into this function. You want to expose this function as a Web service. Which tags and attributes should you use?

A.    The <cfinvoke> tag with the invokeargument attribute.
B.    The <cfobject> tag with the name and component attributes.
C.    The <cfinvoke> tag with the component and method attributes.
D.    The <cffunction> tag with the returntype and access attributes.

Answer: D

You create an RSS feed by using the following code:
<cffeed action=reate query= orderSelections# columnMap= colMapStructure# outputFile=eeds/createOrderSel.xml
You need to put the metadata in a structure and the entries as rows in a query object specified by the query attribute. What should you do to?

A.    Add the name attribute.
B.    Delete thecolumnMap attribute.
C.    Change theoutputFile path.
D.    Adda properties attribute.

Answer: D

You write the following code to consume a Web service. <cfinvoke component=alidate method=alidateButton returnvariable=sValidated > However, the code is not working. What should you do to correct this code?

A.    Useboolean as the returnvariable.
B.    Use thewebservice attribute instead of the component attribute.
C.    Use the <cffunction> tag instead of the <cfinvoke> tag.
D.    Use a different method name.

Answer: B

You have a Web page that you want to display in a PDF document format. Which tag should you use?

A.    The <cfpdf> tag.
B.    The < <cfdocument> tag.
C.    The <cfpdfsubform> tag.
D.    The <cfpdf> tag with the <cfdocument> tag.

Answer: B

Which statement about the following code is true?
1)<cfset a = 4>
2)<cfset b = 25>
3)<cfif a = b OR b = b>
4)c = 10

A.    The left and right sides of the OR are evaluated and both must be true in order for variable c to be assigned.
B.    Variable c will be assigned with a value of 10.
C.    Variable d will be assigned with a value of 15.
D.    An error will occur.

Answer: D

You write code that changes a value in the application scope. You are using the <cflock> tag to prevent race conditions and do not want to lock the entire application scope. What should you do?

A.    Use the name attribute.
B.    Use the type attribute.
C.    Use the timeout attribute.
D.    Use the output attribute.

Answer: A

You are using four scopes within a pageRL, Variables, Form, and CGI. Which of these four scopes is checked first by ColdFusion?

A.    URL
B.    Variables
C.    Form
D.    CGI

Answer: B

You want to use session variables in an application. You have a single Application.cfm file that you use in the application. You have enabled session management in the ColdFusion Administrator. What should you do to enable session variables within your application? ActualTests.com

A.    Use the <cfapplication> tag with sessionManagement=true.
B.    Use the <cfset> tag with the This scope.
C.    Use the <cfset> tag with the Session scope.
D.    Use the <cfapplication> tag in the onApplicationStart() method.

Answer: A

You use the <cflock> tag in an application named orderSupplies. <cflock name=rderSupplies.penInventory scope=pplication type=xclusive?timeout= > You receive an error when this code is executed. What is causing this error?

A.    The application scope with the exclusive attribute.
B.    The units for the timeout attribute.
C.    The use of name and scope in the <cflock> tag.
D.    The use of dot syntax in the nameattribute.

Answer: C

You want to keep track of the number of visitors on your Web site at any given time. Which variable scope allows you to do this?

A.    The session scope.
B.    The request scope.
C.    The application scope.
D.    The cookie scope.

Answer: C

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