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Which three statements about EIGRP wide metrics are true? (Choose three.)

A.    The maximum metric is 65536.
B.    The default delay is 1,000,000 picoseconds.
C.    They allow up to 100 hops.
D.    They allow up to 256 hops.
E.    The default delay is 1,000,000 milliseconds.
F.    The maximum metric is 51200.

Answer: ABC

Which component of the BGP ORF can you use to permit and deny routing updates?

A.    match
B.    action
C.    AFI
D.    SAFI
E.    ORF type

Answer: A

Which two issues is TCP Sequence Number Randomization designed to prevent? (Choose two.)

A.    DDOS attacks
B.    OS fingerprinting
C.    man-in-the-middle attacks
D.    ARP poisoning
E.    Smurf attack

Answer: BC

Which two OSPF network types require the use of a DR and BDR? (Choose two.)

A.    non-broadcast networks
B.    point-to-point networks
C.    point-to-multipoint networks
D.    broadcast networks
E.    point-to-multipoint non-broadcast networks

Answer: AD

Which attribute is transported over an MPLS VPN as a BGP extended community?

A.    route target
B.    route distinguisher
C.    NLRI
D.    origin
E.    local preference

Answer: A

Which two statements about IP SLAs are true? (Choose two.)

A.    They are Layer 2 transport independent.
B.    Statistics are collected and stored in the RIB.
C.    Data for the delay performance metric can be collected both one-way and round-trip.
D.    Data can be collected with a physical probe.
E.    They are used primarily in the distribution layer.

Answer: AC

Which three improvements does Cisco IOS XE Software offer over traditional IOS Software? (Choose three.)

A.    It can run applications as separate processes on multicore CPUs.
B.    It supports drivers for data plane ASICs outside of the operating system.
C.    It allows platform-dependent code to be compiled into a single image.
D.    It supports multiple IOS instances simultaneously, sharing resources and internal infrastructure for scalability.
E.    It allows platform-independent code to be abstracted into a single microkernel for portability across platforms.
F.    It uses a QNX Neutrino-based environment underneath the IOS Software.

Answer: ABC

Refer to the exhibit. R1 and R2 both advertise to R3 and R4 as shown. R1 is the primary path. Which path does traffic take from the R4 data center to the file server?

A.    All traffic travels from R4 to R2 to the file server.
B.    All traffic travels from R4 to R3 to R1 to the file server.
C.    Traffic is load-balanced from R4 to R2 and R3. Traffic that is directed to R3 then continues to R1 to the file server. Traffic that is directed to R2 continues to the file server.
D.    All traffic travels from R4 to R2 to R1 to the file server.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. If a console port is configured as shown, which response is displayed when you connect to the console port?

A.    a blinking cursor
B.    the message “Authorized users only”
C.    the username prompt
D.    three username name prompts followed by a timeout message
E.    the message “Connection refused”

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Your organization has two offices, Site 1 and Site 2, which are connected by a provider backbone, as shown. Where must you configure an attachment circuit to allow the two sites to connect over a Layer 2 network using L2TPv3?

A.    PE Site 1 Fa1/0 and PE Site 2 Fa0/0
B.    CE Site 1 Fa0/0 and CE Site 2 Fa0/0
C.    PE Site 1 Se0/0 and PE Site 2 Se0/0
D.    CE Site 1 Fa0/0 and PE Site 2 Se0/0

Answer: A

What is the destination address of an IGMPv2 general membership query?

D.    the multicast group address

Answer: A

Which statement about SSHv2 is true?

A.    Routers acting as SSH clients can operate without RSA keys.
B.    SSHv2 supports port forwarding and compression.
C.    The RSA key pair size must be at least 512.
D.    You must configure a default gateway before you enable SSHv2.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. What kind of problem is detected?

A.    The packet types that are being sent are unknown.
B.    The maximum MTU size that can be used is 1492.
C.    Waiting for a reply timed out.
D.    Fragmentation starts to occur when the MTU of 1472 is reached.

Answer: B

Which two statements about MLD are true? (Choose two.)

A.    MLD is a subprotocol of ICMPv6.
B.    When a single link supports multiple interfaces, only one interface is required to send MLD messages.
C.    MLD is a subprotocol of PIMv6.
D.    When a single link supports multiple interfaces, all supported interfaces are required to send MLD messages.
E.    There are three subtypes of MLD query messages.
F.    The code section in the MLD message is set to 1 by the sender and ignored by receivers.

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. Router R2 is learning the network from R1 via EIGRP and eBGP. R2 then redistributes EIGRP into OSPF as metric-type 2 with default metrics. Which metric of the route in the R3 routing table?

A.    20
B.    30
C.    110
D.    The route is not present in the R3 routing table.

Answer: D

Which two statements about OSPFv3 are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It supports unicast address families for IPv4 and IPv6.
B.    It supports unicast address families for IPv6 only.
C.    It supports only one address family per instance.
D.    It supports the use of a cluster ID for loop prevention.
E.    It supports multicast address families for IPv4 and IPv6.
F.    It supports multicast address families for IPv6 only.

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit. The VLAN-to-MST mapping is shown. (Assume SW1 acts as root for all possible MST instances.)
spanning-tree mst configuration name MST?
revision 2?
instance 0 vlan 1-200,301-4094 instance 1 vlan 201-300
If this topology is deployed, which action is required for traffic to flow on VLAN 200 and 300?

A.    Map VLAN 300 to instance 0.
B.    Map VLAN 200 to instance 2.
C.    Move instance 0 root to SW2.
D.    Move instance 1 root to SW2.
E.    Map both VLANs to instance 2.

Answer: B

Which two statements about VRRP are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It is assigned multicast address
B.    The TTL for VRRP packets must be 255.
C.    It is assigned multicast address
D.    Its IP protocol number is 115.
E.    Three versions of the VRRP protocol have been defined.
F.    It supports both MD5 and SHA1 authentication.

Answer: AB

Drag and Drop Question
Drag each routing protocol on the left to the matching statement on the right.

Which two statements about IBGP multipath are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The IGP metric of the BGP next hop can be different from the best-path IGP metric if you configure the router for unequal-cost IBGP multipath.
B.    The IGP metric of the BGP next hop must be the same as the best-path IGP metric.
C.    The equivalent next-hop-self is performed on the best path from among the IBGP multipaths before it is forwarded to external peers.
D.    The path should be learned from an external neighbor.
E.    The router BGP process must learn the path from a confederation-external or external neighbor.
F.    The router BGP process must learn the path from an internal neighbor.

Answer: AF

Which statement about a P router in a Layer 3 MPLS VPN is true?

A.    It is unaware of VPN routes.
B.    It connects to customer edge routers.
C.    It participates in MPLS VPN routing.
D.    It uses the running IGP to share VPN routes.

Answer: A

Which two statements about PIM-DM are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It forwards multicast packets on a source tree.
B.    It requires an RP.
C.    It forwards multicast packets on a shared distribution tree.
D.    It floods multicast packets to neighbors that have requested the data.
E.    It floods multicast packets throughout the network.
F.    It forwards multicast packets to neighbors that have requested the data.

Answer: AE

Which two statements about the MAC address table space are true? (Choose two.)

A.    You can disable learning on a VLAN to reduce table-space requirements.
B.    When you disable learning on a VLAN with an SVI, IP packet flooding in the Layer 2 domain is also disabled.
C.    Unicast, multicast, and broadcast MAC address filtering is configured globally and disabled by default.
D.    The default setting for static MAC addresses to age out of the MAC address table is 300 seconds.
E.    Turning off MAC learning on VLANs 900 through 1005 disables learning on VLANs 900 through 1001.

Answer: AE

Which statement about LISP encapsulation in an EIGRP OTP implementation is true?

A.    OTP uses LISP encapsulation for dynamic multipoint tunneling.
B.    OTP maintains the LISP control plane.
C.    OTP uses LISP encapsulation to obtain routes from neighbors.
D.    LISP learns the next hop.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which two benefits result from using this command on a switch? (Choose two.)

A.    The port cannot forward unknown unicast packets.
B.    Network security is increased on the configured port.
C.    The port cannot forward unknown multicast packets.
D.    The port cannot forward unknown broadcast packets.
E.    Network security is increased on all ports of the switch.
F.    Unknown packets of all types, except unicast, are blocked.

Answer: AB

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