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Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 6203
Exam Name: Avaya Voice Portal Implementation Exam

Which two statements about exporting an application are true? (Choose two.)

A.    To deploy an application an Export Wizard will be used, and at the Destination Directory, the project to export will be selected.
B.    On the Specify Deployment Parameters page, at Tracing field, the checkbox should be selected for testing purposes.
C.    In the Servlet Container field, the container can be specified where the application will be deployed.
D.    On the Specify Deployment Parameters page, at the Reusable Modules, all the modules that will be used in a large speech application should be selected.

Answer: AC

When the sample test application is called and the system answers, which valid menu item can be tested?

A.    bridged calls
B.    bridged transfers
C.    bridged classification
D.    bridged conference

Answer: B

In which form is a Dialog Designer application exported?

A.    The application will be exported as a web descriptor file.
B.    The application will be exported as a wsdl item.
C.    The application will be exported as a temporary file to your local directory.
D.    The application will be exported as a WAR file or an EAR file.

Answer: D

A customer has the required license file defining the telephony ports and ASR/TTS connections that they are authorized to use. From the VPMS web interface, which menu path must they follow to ensure that all licensed telephony ports are correctly allocated to the MPP servers?

A.    Security > Licensing
B.    Real-Time Monitoring > Port Distribution
C.    System Configuration > VOIP Connections
D.    System Configuration > VPMS Servers

Answer: B

The System Monitor page in the VPMS shows one MPP operational state as Not Responding, Degraded, Unknown, Never Used or Error. When the technician logs into Linux on the MPP, it shows the running state Stopped.
Which three statements describe a possible cause for this problem? (Choose three.)

A.    The Web LM license has expired or the Enterprise Web LM server is down.
B.    Time on the MPP needs to be synchronized with the VPMS and rebooted.
C.    The MPP needs to be reconnected with the VPMS (setup_vpms.php).
D.    Data Network or CM problems are causing the ports to go to the Our-of-Service state.
E.    VPMS needs to be re linked with the MPP (certificate trust).

Answer: ACE

Which Avaya Aura CM form includes creating skills or aplits as part of the implementation process?

A.    Hunt Group
B.    VDN
C.    Vector
D.    Skill

Answer: A

Voice Portal 5.1 or newer connects to telephony resources using Voice over Internet Protocol. For

A.    323 connectivity, which three resources will be used by the MPPs? (Choose three.)
B.    IP Media Processor (MedPro)
C.    Control Lan (CLAN)
D.    IP_IR_A station licenses
E.    G.711 and G.726 over RTP/RTPC
F.    G.711 and G.729 over RTP/RTPC

Answer: AB

A customer is using skills-based routing. Which Avaya Aura CM forms must be administered to map the requirements to agents/ports?

A.    Vector and Agent LoginID forms
B.    Hunt Group and Skill forms
C.    Skill and Agent LoginID forms
D.    Vector and Split forms

Answer: C

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