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Which operational mode command displays the number of configured forwarding classes?

A.    show interfaces queue ge-1/0/0
B.    show interfaces terse
C.    show class-of-service interface
D.    show forwarding classes

Answer: A

Your multicast receivers are indirectly connected to an MX Series router. The receivers need to join multicast group What must be configured in IGMP to receive report messages from receivers that are multiple hops away?

A.    By default, IGMP accepts report messages from indirectly connected receivers.
B.    Promiscuous mode must be enabled in IGMP.
C.    Promiscuous mode must be disabled in IGMP.
D.    DVMRP protocol must be configured.

Answer: B

Your OSPF network includes an NSSA. Which LSA type is injected into the NSSA by the ASBR?

A.    Type 3
B.    Type 5
C.    Type 7
D.    Type 9

Answer: C

You manage an MPLS network. You are asked to classify traffic using the EXP bits from ingress to egress. What will allow you to accomplish this?

A.    Configure explicit-null on the penultimate router.
B.    Configure explicit-null on the egress router.
C.    Configure implicit-null on the penultimate router.
D.    Configure implicit-null on the egress router.

Answer: B

You have assigned target:65432:100 as the route target for Customer A’s BGP Layer 2 VPN. The PE1 router VRF is configured with vrf-target export target:65432:100.Which configuration on PE2 correctly assigned Customer A’s routes to their VRF?

A.    vrf-target target:65432:100
B.    route-target target:65432:100
C.    vrf-target export target:65432:100
D.    route-target export target:65432:100

Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button. Based on the exhibit, what do you expect to find in the configuration on R1 and R4?

A.    a policy leaking level 1 routes into level 2
B.    a policy leaking level 2 routes into level 1
C.    a policy setting the attached bit on level 2 routes
D.    a policy setting the attached bit on level 1 routes

Answer: B

IS-IS is configured to support both IPv4 and IPv6 routing. Which statement is true?

A.    Separate IPv4 and IPv6 hellos will be sent.
B.    IPv6 will have a separate link-state database.
C.    IS-IS v6 support must be enabled under protocols isis.
D.    IS-IS sends IPv6 topology information as new TLVs in existing LSPs.

Answer: D

You are evaluating a routing policy for an ISP and you find the ^42+ .* (23|9)$ regular expression. Which three AS paths match the regular expression? (Choose three.)

A.    42 42 42 42 9
B.    42 42 23 500
C.    42 42 42 60 9
D.    42 60 23 9 42
E.    42 69 500 23

Answer: ACE

Which two statements correctly describe BGP operation? (Choose two.)

A.    IBGP does not advertise routes learned from other IBGP neighbors.
B.    IBGP advertises routes learned from other IBGP neighbors.
C.    EBGP advertises routes learned from other IBGP or EBGP neighbors.
D.    EBGP does not advertise routes learned from other EBGP neighbors.

Answer: AC

Which statement is true about ASM and/ or SSM multicast?

A.    ASM requires an external mechanism to find the source.
B.    SSM only builds RPT trees, since the RP is replaced by an external mechanism.
C.    ASM and SSM for IPv6 multicast use embedded RP.
D.    SSM does not require MSDP.

Answer: D

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