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An LDP Layer 2 circuit is configured for VPN A and VPN B. Which three statements are true regarding LDP Layer 2 circuit signaling? (Choose three.)

A.    PE-P LDP sessions use Martini encapsulation.
B.    PE-PE LDP sessions can be extended or adjacent.
C.    VRF tables are needed on the PEs.
D.    TCC encapsulation is needed to interconnect different interface types.
E.    The VC type field in the LDP header specifies the encapsulation type.

Answer: BDE

Your are the administrator for a network that uses IS-IS as its IGP. As the network grows, you find that the protocol’s default capabilities for setting metrics is limiting your options. Which feature can you implement to provide a larger range of metric configuration capabilities?

A.    extended metrics
B.    wide metrics
C.    expanded metrics
D.    full metrics

Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button. Based on the output shown in the exhibit, what does up signify?

A.    Prefixes are up if the interface on the local router toward the destination is functioning correctly.
B.    Prefixes are up if their unfragmented-packets value is flagged in the LSP.
C.    Prefixes are up if their LSP has not crossed an area boundary from level 2 to level 1.
D.    Prefixes are up if their unusable-path value is flagged in the LSP.

Answer: C

Router R5 has the overload parameter configured. Which statement is true?

A.    R5 will purge its LSAs from the network until the overload condition is cleared.
B.    R5 will increase its link metrics to 65535 and will stop forwarding transit traffic to OSPF destinations.
C.    R5 will increase its link metrics to 65535 and will continue to forward transit traffic to OSPF destinations.
D.    R5 will send an overload LSA to its neighbors to indicate it is in the overload state.

Answer: C

You are evaluating a routing policy for an ISP and you find the ^42+ .* (23|9)$ regular expression. Which three AS paths match the regular expression? (Choose three.)

A.    42 42 42 42 9
B.    42 42 23 500
C.    42 42 42 60 9
D.    42 60 23 9 42
E.    42 69 500 23

Answer: ACE

What is a limitation of LDP?

A.    Traffic must follow explicitly configured paths.
B.    It requires a full mesh of LSPs throughout the network.
C.    It requires a traffic engineering database (TED).
D.    It does not support traffic engineering.

Answer: C

You are asked to design a Layer 2 VPN service for a service provider network that supports Ethernet and ATM transport. Which two Layer 2 VPN technologies will meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

A.    LDP-signaled VPLS, using draft martini encapsulation
B.    BGP-signaled VPLS, using the RFC 4448 Layer 2 frame format
C.    LDP Layer 2 circuit, using the RFC 4448 Layer 2 frame format
D.    BGP Layer 2 VPN, using draft-Martini encapsulation

Answer: CD

The network design team has decided to activate multicast in the network. Auto-RP has been selected as the RP mechanism. Which PIM operational mode must be enabled in this network?

A.    sparse mode
B.    sparse-dense mode
C.    dense mode
D.    source specific multicast

Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button. You manage an MX series router (with 100 ms buffer size per port) that includes the configuration shown in the exhibit. Traffic marked with DSCP 000011 is entering the ge-1/0/4 interface at 102 Mbps. The traffic exits the device on the ge-1/0/5 interface. There is no other traffic transiting the router. What happens to traffic exceeding 100 Mbps?

A.    Traffic exceeding 100 Mbps is forwarded.
B.    Traffic exceeding 100 Mbps is buffered.
C.    Traffic exceeding 100 Mbps is redirected to a rate limiter.
D.    Traffic exceeding 100 Mbps is dropped.

Answer: A

Which configuration excerpt will advertise all local IPv4 and IPv6 destinations to the network?


A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: C

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