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Which two configuration parameters are required to configure an LDP-signaled VPLS service? (Choose two.)

A.    vpls-id
B.    site-identifier
C.    route-distinguisher
D.    instance-type vpls

Answer: AD

Click the Exhibit button. As shown in the exhibit, you have an LSP established from R1 to R4. Your network experiences a link failure between R2 and R3.Which statement is correct?

A.    A ResvTear message is sent toward the egress router.
B.    A ResvConf message is sent toward the ingress router.
C.    A PathErr message is sent toward the egress router.
D.    A ResvTear message is sent toward the ingress router.

Answer: D

You are adding nonforwarding route reflectors to your network. Which three actions ensure that VPN routes are advertised properly? (Choose three.)

A.    Use rib-groups to add IGP routes to inet.3 and/or inet6.3 on the route reflectors.
B.    Add MPLS LSPs between the route reflectors and their client routers.
C.    Add the route reflectors to the same IGP domain as their clients.
D.    Use rib-groups to add VPN routes to inet.0 and/or inet6.0 on the route reflectors.
E.    Add a static default route to inet.3 and/or inet6.3 on the route reflectors.

Answer: ABE

You are provisioning a new customer for access to your Layer 3 VPN. The customer is using as their internal IP address space, which is also being used by an existing Layer 3 VPN customer. The two customers share many PE routers in common across your network. Which mechanism allows these duplicate addresses to exist in your network?

A.    route origin
B.    route target
C.    route refresh
D.    route distinguisher

Answer: D

What are three Junos automation scripts? (Choose three.)

A.    op scripts
B.    pulse scripts
C.    commit scripts
D.    event scripts
E.    action scripts

Answer: ACD

You are monitoring the control plane traffic using a network analyzer on an Ethernet network segment with all routers configured with IS-IS routing. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    DIS will send hellos more frequently than other IS-IS devices.
B.    L1 and L2 hellos are combined in a single hello packet.
C.    PSNPs are sent periodically.
D.    Only the DIS will send CSNPs periodically.

Answer: AD

Two of your customers have just merged into a single company. Because of time constraints, you have been asked to connect Customer A’s BGP-signaled Layer 2 VPN with Customer B’s LDP- signaled Layer 2 circuit using the interworking interface.
Which two statements are true? (Choose two).

A.    You must have a tunnel PIC to create the interworking interface.
B.    You must configure the Layer 2 interworking protocol.
C.    The logical interworking interfaces must specify their logical peer units.
D.    The Junos OS automatically links the interworking interface units.

Answer: BC

In an interdomain multicast deployment scenario, RP1 is in AS1 and RP2 is in AS2. MSDP is configured between RP1 and RP2 A source in AS1 and a receiver in AS2 have just become active. What initially triggers RP1 to send source-active messages (SAs) to RP2?

A.    A join-to-RP message is sent from RP2 to RP1.
B.    A join-to-source message is sent from RP2 to RP1
C.    A register message is received on RP1.
D.    A register message is received on RP2.

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button. The IGP is IS-IS. R2 has configured its loopback interface in Level 2 only. Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?

A.    R2 advertises its loopback address to all L1 adjacencies.
B.    R1 cannot reach R2’s loopback address.
C.    R1 uses a default route to reach R2’s loopback address.
D.    R1 automatically selects R2 as the default gateway to reach R2’s loopback address.

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button. Based on the output in the exhibit, which statement is correct?

A.    R4 has been configured with an IS-IS export policy and is announcing external routing information.
B.    R3 and R4 have an adjacency at both level 1 and level 2.
C.    R3 has been configured so that it is not used for transit traffic.
D.    R3 and R4 have only a level 2 adjacency.

Answer: B

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