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Which of the following can be grouped when multiple schemas exist in an SAP HANA database?

A.    Information models
B.    Data tables
C.    Packages
D.    Users

Answer: B

You have to extract entities such as persons, countries, products, and places from business text such as PDF files.
Which of the following tools in SAP HANA can you use?

A.    Full-text search UI toolkit
B.    Python-based text analysis scripts
C.    Fuzzy search
D.    Application function libraries

Answer: B

When loading data into SAP HANA, which of the following tasks can you perform using SAP Data Services? (Choose two)

A.    Upload data via the SAP HANA studio
B.    Data filtering
C.    Real-time replication
D.    Data transformations

Answer: BD

Which of the following actions must you perform in an SAP HANA system to transport content to another SAP HANA system? (Choose two)

A.    Generate and save an export file to a shared directory.
B.    Assign the content repository to a transport request.
C.    Mass copy the content repository into the other SAP HANA system.
D.    Assign the package to a delivery unit.

Answer: AD

The IT department has a service level agreement (SLA) that states “all production systems must be available to the end user within ?hour of any type of system failure”;
Which of the following helps meet the SLA for SAP HANA system failures?

A.    Disaster recovery
B.    Scale up
C.    Side-by-side scenario
D.    Scale out high availability

Answer: D

Which of the following can you use to implement currency conversion in an information model? (Choose two)

A.    A calculated column in a calculation view
B.    A restricted column in an analytic view
C.    A calculated column in an analytic view
D.    A calculated column in an attribute view

Answer: AC

Which view do you use to combine two analytic views?

A.    Attribute view
B.    Analytic view
C.    Database view
D.    Calculation view

Answer: D

You have created several information models. A colleague of yours needs to be able to work on
your information models.
Which privileges do you give your colleague?

A.    Analytic privileges
B.    Object privileges
C.    Package privileges
D.    System privileges

Answer: C

Which versions of your information models are visible on the History tab of the Modeler perspective in the SAP HANA studio?

A.    Only the last active version
B.    All active and inactive versions
C.    All active versions
D.    The last active and inactive version

Answer: C

Prior to modeling in SAP HANA, you want to validate referential integrity between two very large tables in the SAP HANA database.
Which SAP HANA tool would you use?

A.    Data preview
B.    View contents
C.    View log
D.    SQL console

Answer: D

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