Lead2Pass: 2014SAP C_HANAIMP131 exam Free Dumps Download(51-60)

You want to run a report on data with multiple currencies. You want to allow end users to select the target currency at run time.
Which option does SAP recommend for defining the currency conversion?

A.    A calculated column in an analytic view
B.    Currency conversion during data load
C.    Measures enabled for conversion in an analytic view
D.    A CE_CONVERSION function in a calculation view

Answer: C

Which of the following are recommended SAP HANA modeling principles? (Choose two)

A.    Use complex expressions like IF or CASE
B.    Always do the calculation after aggregation
C.    Filter the data amount as early as possible in the lower layers
D.    Join tables on key columns

Answer: CD

What is the lowest level of granularity you can use in an analytic privilege?

A.    An attribute
B.    A view
C.    An attribute value
D.    A column

Answer: C

Which programming language do you use for SAP Landscape Transformation based transformation rules?

A.    SQLScript
B.    Java
C.    ABAP
D.    JavaScript

Answer: C

In which engines is an analytic view executed that contains a calculated column? (Choose two)

A.    Calculation engine
B.    Row store engine
C.    OLAP engine
D.    Join engine

Answer: AC

You are using SAP Landscape Transformation to replicate data into SAP HANA.
Which of the following can you use to define the schema that the replicated data populates?

A.    Advanced replication settings (transaction iuuc_repl_content)
B.    Change Authoring Schema in the Quick Launch view
C.    Data Provisioning in the Quick Launch view
D.    Configuration & Monitoring Dashboard (transaction LTR)

Answer: D

You have an SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) on SAP HANA system installed on multiple nodes.
Which of the following information objects are stored on the master node?

A.    SAP NetWeaver BW master data tables
B.    DataStore Objects (DSOs)
C.    ABAP system tables
D.    Persistent Staging Area (PSA) tables

Answer: C

Which of the following criteria indicate that you should store data in row tables? (Choose two)

A.    The tables have a large number of columns.
B.    The tables require frequent write access.
C.    The information models search the table based on the values of a few columns.
D.    The information models frequently needs to access complete records.

Answer: BD

What is the functionality of an aggregation node in a calculation view? (Choose two)

A.    It calculates the sum, minimum, or maximum values for selected columns
B.    It provides grouping of filter criteria
C.    It provides deeper control over which columns are totaled
D.    It determines the output structure of the calculation view

Answer: AC

Which of the following is included in a rapid deployment solution (RDS) implemented on SAP HANA? (Choose three)

A.    Conversion of all BEx queries to analytic views
B.    Guides and educational material
C.    A mix of onsite and offsite consulting
D.    The SAP HANA database license
E.    SAP best practices and templates

Answer: BCE

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