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You are implementing the SAP CO-PA Accelerator to enable real-time profitability reporting.
Which configuration steps must you do? (Choose three)

A.    Activate continuous data replication of tables CE1xxxx, CE2xxxx, CE4xxxx.
B.    Configure the SAP BusinessObjects Data Services replication jobs.
C.    Install the SAP HANA database clients on all SAP ERP application servers.
D.    Build attribute and analytic views in SAP HANA.
E.    Create a secondary database connection in SAP ERP.

Answer: ACE

Which of the following tools use SQL to communicate with SAP HANA? (Choose three)

A.    SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
B.    SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP
C.    SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool
D.    SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office
E.    SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Answer: ACE

What are advantages of implementing SAP HANA using an SAP rapid-deployment solution over a traditional implementation project? (Choose three)

A.    Fixed-scope implementation
B.    No need for consultants
C.    Lower risk
D.    Pre-configured content
E.    Customized content

Answer: ACD

In a two system landscape, you want to transport SAP HANA information models from the source
system to a target system. The source system has information objects that refer to physical schema S1. The target system uses physical schema S2. When you import the information objects into the target system, the information objects at the target cannot be opened as they still refer to schema S1.
What must you do to be able to open the information objects in the target system? (Choose two)

A.    Add a schema mapping.
B.    Create a new schema.
C.    Execute a refactoring.
D.    Reimport the information models.

Answer: AD

In an aggregation node of a calculation view, which is the default aggregation type for an aggregated measure?

B.    MAX
C.    SUM
D.    MIN

Answer: C

You receive an activation error in a scripted calculation view that uses the following function:
CE_PROJECTION(:table1, [“AMOUNT”], ‘”PROD” = A’)
What could be a reason for this error?

A.    The filter condition is not set within square brackets.
B.    The projection list contains a field that is not specified in the filter condition.
C.    The filter condition must be specified inside the projection list.
D.    The filter condition contains a field that is not part of the projection list.

Answer: D

Which of the following would you use to determine the engines that are used when an information model is queried? (Choose two)

A.    SQL plan cache
B.    Timeline
C.    Explain plan
D.    Visualize plan

Answer: CD

When you use SLT replication, which of the following determines the name of the SAP HANA schema where replicated data is stored?

A.    The name of the secondary database connection
B.    The name of the replication configuration
C.    The name of the source system schema
D.    The name of the RFC connection

Answer: B

You have been asked to create an SAP HANA attribute view using the tables Employee (left table) and Department (right table) shown in the attached diagram.

Your view should contain the columns NAME and D_Name for all employees.
Which of the following join types do you use?

A.    Text join
B.    Inner join
C.    Referential join
D.    Left outer join

Answer: D

Where can you reactivate a user after too many invalid logon attempts? (Choose two)

A.    In the SQL console
B.    In the user specific schema
D.    In the user properties

Answer: AD

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