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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C4070-SS1
Exam Name: STG Systems Software Sales Mastery V1

Which two products provide the centralized management of servers, storage, and network along with visibility, control and automation of those devices?

A.    Smart Business and System Analytics
B.    Systems Director and Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Suite
C.    Virtualization Engine and Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
D.    VMControl and Network Control

Answer: B

A client is very interested in SONAS. They like the function, but are frustrated by limits in configuration. Which of the following is an alternative product approach?

A.    BOFM
B.    ProtecTIER
C.    GPFS
D.    XIV

Answer: C

A customer has a need for a 6.6 PB capacity with a 40% annual growth rate. Scalability is a major concern. Which product meets these needs?

A.    XIV
B.    SVC
D.    N series

Answer: C

Customer requires a linear scale up modular solution supporting CIFS and NFS file systems. They want a solution easy to set up and manage. The ability to store more than 10 PB of data in a single name space is key. Which of the following would be the recommended solution?

A.    General Parallel File System (GPFS)
B.    XIV
D.    N series NAS

Answer: C

A customer wants to consolidate 2 older iSeries systems and 10 older pSeries systems on to a POWER7 with 12 active cores. What is required to create multiple LPARs?

A.    Purchase PowerVM Standard Edition for the entire system.
B.    Purchase PowerVM Express Edition for the entire system.
C.    Use Managing Partition to create all of the LPARs.
D.    Purchase PowerVM only for the cores that will have more than one LPAR.

Answer: A

A BladeCenter customer is interested in HP Virtual Connect. Which of the following IBM products should be presented?

A.    BOFM
B.    Advanced Management Module (AMM)
C.    VMotion
D.    PowerVM

Answer: A

A customer has a server farm with many web applications on Linux, and file and print services on Windows. Some web applications need 7×24 high availability; otherwise the customer will lose revenue. The customer is considering a new zEnterprise. Which of the following IBM System z architecture components will meet the customer’s business requirement?

A.    IFL and z/VM
B.    SSL and Crypto Express2
C.    GDPS and zAPP
D.    PowerHA

Answer: A

A customer is considering a Websphere Message Broker installation in a virtualized environment. The project will be phased in, and the virtual machines will only consume a fraction of the physical hardware. What does the customer need in place to ensure they are able to license software for the size of the virtual machines and not the entire server capacity?

A.    IBM Subcapacity Agreement
B.    Passport Advantage
C.    WebSphere Cloudburst Appliance
D.    Tivoli Monitoring

Answer: A

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