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True or false: RMAN offers the equivalent of the SQL command alter database backup controlfile to trace.

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B

You need to restore your database back to 9/30/2008 at 18:00. In what order would you run the following commands to compete this task?
a. restore controlfile until time
b. restore database until time
c. restore spfile until time
d. recover database until time
e. alter database open resetlogs;
f. alter database open;

A.    b, d, e
B.    b, d, f
C.    c, a, b, d, e
D.    c, a, b, d, f
E.    a, b, d, e

Answer: A

What is the correct order of the following commands if you wanted to restore datafile 4, which was accidentally removed from the file system?
a. sql ’alter database datafile 4 online’;
b. restore datafile 4;
c. recover datafile 4;
d. sql ’alter database datafile 4 offline’;
e. startup
f. shutdown

A.    a, c, b, d
B.    d, b, c, a
C.    f, d, b, c, a, e
D.    c, a, b, d, f
E.    a, b, d, e

Answer: B

Your database is up and running and one of your three control files is accidentally erased. You start RMAN and run the following command:
Which of the following statements is true? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    The command restores only the missing control file.
B.    The command restores all the control files.
C.    The command fails because the database is running.
D.    This is the correct way to address this problem.
E.    This is not the correct way to address this problem.

Answer: CE

Which of the following are valid until command options when attempting point-in-time recovery in RMAN? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    until time
B.    until change
C.    until sequence
D.    until SCN
E.    until commit

Answer: ACD

Which of the following does the recover command not do?

A.    Restore archived redo logs.
B.    Apply archived redo logs.
C.    Restore incremental backups.
D.    Apply incremental backups.
E.    Restore datafile images.

Answer: A

You have a database with the following tablespaces: SYSTEM, SYSAUX, UNDO, USERS, TEMP. You want to”roll back” the data in the USERS tablespace to the way it looked yesterday. Which tablespaces do you need to perform a point-in-time restore operation on in order to complete this task? (Choose all that apply.)

C.    UNDO
E.    TEMP
F.    This restore is not possible.

Answer: ABCDE

You have backed up your database using image copies. You have lost the SYSTEM tablespace and need to restart your database as quickly as possible. What is the correct solution?

A.    Restore the SYSTEM tablespace from the last backup set and then recover the database.
B.    Restore the SYSTEM tablespace image copy using the restore command and then restore the database.
C.    Use the switch datafile command to instantly switch to the datafile copy, recover the tablespace, and
open the database.
D.    The database is not recoverable in this situation with image copies.
E.    Manually copy the datafile image copy to the correct location and then manually restore the database
from SQL*Plus.

Answer: C

If you find errors in the view V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION with a status of MEDIA_CORRUPT, what RMAN command would you run to correct the problem?

A.    recover lost blocks;
B.    recover corrupt blocks;
C.    recover media corrupt blocks from list;
D.    recover corrupt blocks from list;
E.    recover corruption list;

Answer: E

What will be the end result of this set of RMAN commands?
shutdown abort
startup mount
restore datafile 4 until time ,,09/30/2008:15:00:00;
recover datafile 4 until time ,,09/29/2008:15:00:00;
alter database open resetlogs;

A.    Datafile 4 will be recovered until 9/30/2008 at 15:00 and the database will open.
B.    The restore command will fail.
C.    The recover command will fail.
D.    The alter database open resetlogs command will fail.
E.    All these commands will fail because they must be in the confines of a run block.

Answer: D

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