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Given the script
create script db_backup_datafile_script
{backup datafile and 1, and2 plus archivelog delete input;}
What is the result of running this command?
Run {execute script db_backup_datafile_script using 2;}

A.    The script will fail since you instructed RMAN to back up only one datafile rather than two.
B.    The script will successfully back up datafile 3 without error.
C.    The script will fail since it uses a substitution variable which is not supported.
D.    The execute script command will prompt for the value of and2 since it’s not included in the command.
E.    The script will fail because you cannot use the plus archivelog command when backing up database datafiles.

Answer: D

Which is the correct way to connect to both the target database and the recovery catalog from the RMAN command line? Assume that the target database is called ORCL and that the recovery catalog database is called RCAT. Also assume that the recovery-catalog owner is called RCAT_OWN. Assume the environment is configured for the ORCL database. (Choose all that apply.)

A.    rman target=/ catalog=/@rcat
B.    rman target=/ catalog=rcat_own/rcat_own
C.    rman target=/ catalog=rcat_own/rcat_own@RCAT
D.    rman target=sys/robert@orcl catalog=rcat_own/rcat_own@RCAT
E.    You cannot connect to the target database and the recovery catalog at the same time.

Answer: CD

What command would you issue to enable automated backups of control files?

A.    alter database controlfile autobackup on
B.    alter system controlfile autobackup on
C.    configure controlfile autobackup on
D.    enable controlfile autobackup

Answer: C

Given the following RMAN commands, choose the option that reflects the order required to restore your currently operational ARCHIVELOG-mode database.
a. restore database;
b. recover database;
c. shutdown immediate
d. startup
e. restore archivelog all;
f. alter database open

A.    a, b, c, d, e, f
B.    c, b, a, d, e, f
C.    c, b, a, d, f
D.    c, a, b, d
E.    c, a, e, b, d, f

Answer: E

Which commands are used for RMAN database recovery? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    restore
B.    repair
C.    copy
D.    recover
E.    replace

Answer: AD

Given a complete loss of your database, in what order would you need to perform the following RMAN operations to restore it?
a. restore controlfile
b. restore database
c. restore spfile
d. recover database
e. alter database open
f. alter database open resetlogs

A.    b, a, c, d, e
B.    a, c, b, d, f
C.    c, a, b, d, e
D.    c, a, b, d, f
E.    e, a, b, d, c

Answer: D

If you lost your entire database, including the database spfile, control files, online redo logs, and database datafiles, what kind of recovery would be required with RMAN?

A.    Complete database recovery.
B.    Incomplete database recovery.
C.    Approximate database recovery.
D.    Archived database recovery.
E.    The database could not be recovered with RMAN.

Answer: B

Which command will restore all datafiles to the date 9/30/2008 at 18:00 hours?

A.    restore datafiles until time ’09/28/2008:21:03:11′;
B.    restore database files until time ’09/28/2008:18:00:00′;
C.    restore database until time ’09/28/2008:18:00:00′;
D.    recover database until time ’09/28/2008:18:00:00′;
E.    recover database until timestamp ’09/28/2008:18:00:00′;

Answer: C

What is the end result of these commands if they are successful?
RMAN> show retention policy;
RMAN configuration parameters for database with db_unique_name
Backup database tag=gold_copy plus archivelog tag=gold_copy delete input;
Backup database tag=silver_copy plus archivelog tag=silver_copy delete input;

A.    Attempting to restore silver_copy will fail.
B.    Attempting to restore gold_copy will fail.
C.    Both backups will be available for restore without question.
D.    Attempting to restore gold_copy may or may not succeed.
E.    You will not be able to restore either gold_copy or silver_copy.

Answer: D

You are using RMAN to backup your ARCHIVELOG mode database. You have enabled control-file autobackups. Which files are not backed up during the RMAN backup?

A.    Database Datafiles
B.    Database Control Files
C.    Online redo logs
D.    Archived redo logs
E.    The database SPFILE
F.    None of the above, all these files are backed up.

Answer: C

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