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Which three statements are true regarding the functioning of the Autotask Background Process (ABP)? (Choose three.)

A.    It creates jobs without considering the priorities associated with them.
B.    It translates tasks into jobs for execution by the scheduler.
C.    It determines the list of jobs that must be created for each maintenance window.
D.    It is spawned by the MMON background process at the start of the maintenance window.
E.    It maintains a repository in the SYSTEM tablespace to store the history of the execution of all tasks.

Answer: BCD

Which statements are true regarding the concept of problems and incidents in the fault diagnosability infrastructure for Oracle Database 11g? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Only the incident metadata and dumps are stored in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR).
B.    The problem key is the same as the incident number.
C.    The database sends an incident alert to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Home page.
D.    Every problem has a problem key, which is a text string that describes the problem.
E.    The database makes an entry into the alert log file when problems and incidents occur.

Answer: CDE

What two statements are true regarding the recommendations received from the SQL Access Advisor? (Choose two.)

A.    It cannot generate recommendations that support multiple workload queries.
B.    It can recommend partitioning on tables provided that the workloads have some predicates and joins
on the columns of the NUMBER or DATE type.
C.    It can recommend partitioning only on tables that have at least 10,000 rows.
D.    It can recommend only B-tree indexes and not bitmap or function-based indexes.

Answer: BC

You are managing Oracle Database 11g with an ASM storage with high redundancy. The following command was issued to drop the disks from the dga disk group after five hours:
Which statement is true in this scenario?

A.    It starts the ASM fast mirror resync.
B.    All the disks in the dga disk group would be OFFLINE and the DISK_REPAIR_TIME disk attribute
would be set to 5 hours.
C.    It drops all disk paths from the dga disk group.
D.    All the disks in the dga disk group in failure group f2 would be OFFLINE and the DISK_REPAIR_TIME
disk attribute would be set to 5 hours.

Answer: D

Which statement describes the significance of the CHANGE FAILURE command in RMAN? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    It is used to change failure priority only for HIGH or LOW priorities.
B.    It is used to execute the advised repair script.
C.    It is used to change failure priority only for the CRITICAL priority.
D.    It is used to explicitly close the open failures.
E.    It is used to inform the database about the repair after the repair script executes.

Answer: AD

Which statements are true regarding the creation of an incident package file by using the EM Workbench Support? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    You can add or remove the trace files to the package.
B.    You can create the incremental incident package ZIP file for new or modified diagnostic information
for the incident package already created.
C.    You can add SQL test cases to the incident package.
D.    You cannot create an incremental incident package when the physical files are purged rom the ADR.

Answer: ABC

The application tables owned by the user TEST in a test database need to be exported to the APPS schema in the production database by using Data Pump. Which option of Data Pump Import would you use to accomplish this?

A.    owner
B.    touser
C.    attach
D.    remap_schema

Answer: D

You want to track and store all transactional changes to a table over its lifetime. To accomplish this task, you enabled Flashback Data Archive with the retention of 5 years. After some time, the business requirement changed and you were asked to change the retention from 5 years to 3 years. To accomplish this, you issued the following command:
What is the implication of this command?

A.    The command produces an error because the retention time cannot be reduced.
B.    All historical data is retained but the subsequent flashback data archives are maintained for only
three years.
C.    All historical data is purged and the new flashback data archives are maintained for three years.
D.    All historical data older than three years is purged from the flashback archive FLA1.

Answer: D
Your company wants to “shred” (delete) historical data changes to the Taxes table after ten years. When you create the Flashback Data Archive for Taxes, you specify a retention time of ten years:
When history data from transactions on Taxes exceeds the age of ten years, it is purged. (The Taxes table itself, and history data from transactions less than ten years old, are not purged.)

You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database with ASM storage. The ASM disk group has the COMPATIBLE.ASM attribute set to 11.1. Which statements are true regarding extent management and allocation units in the ASM disk group? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    The au_size disk group attribute determines the size of allocation units in the disk group.
B.    The allocation unit size may vary but the extent size is fixed.
C.    The allocation unit size and extent size are fixed for all the disks in a disk group and cannot be changed.
D.    Extent management is completely automated.

Answer: AD

Which are the prerequisites for performing flashback transactions on your database? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Undo retention guarantee for the database must be configured.
B.    Supplemental log must be enabled for the primary key.
C.    Supplemental log must be enabled.
D.    Execute permission on the DBMS_FLASHBACK package must be granted to the user.

Answer: BCD

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