EMC E20-597 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

Vendor: EMC
Exam Code: E20-597
Exam Name: Backup Recovery – NetWorker Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators

Which EMC NetWorker host can belong to multiple data zones?

A.    Client
B.    Storage Node
C.    Server
D.    Remote Storage Node

Answer: A

How does EMC NetWorker respond to an AFTD disk full condition?

A.    Suspends all saves to that volume and runs nsrim.
B.    Marks the volume full and terminates the backup.
C.    Marks the volume full and continues the backup to a new volume.
D.    Initiates a staging job to move files off the Advance File Type Device (AFTD).

Answer: A

Which protocol is used when performing an EMC NetWorker backup to a cloud device ?

A.    TCP
B.    UDP
C.    OST
D.    iSCSI

Answer: A

Which type of device is referred to as a BOOST device?

A.    Data Domain
B.    File Type
C.    Advance File Type
D.    Cloud

Answer: A

Which directory holds the tracking information for each file backed up by the client “tuba” on EMC NetWorker server “soprano”?

A.    /nsr/index/tuba/db6
B.    /nsr/mm/mmvolume6
C.    /nsr/index/soprano/db6
D.    /nsr/index/soprano/mmvolume6

Answer: A

Which window in NMC would the EMC NetWorker backup administrator select to configure a new remote storage node?

A.    Devices
B.    Media
C.    Configuration
D.    Monitoring

Answer: A

Which backup level requires the fewest number of volumes to restore?

A.    Full
B.    Level 5
C.    Level 1
D.    Incremental

Answer: A

How can an EMC NetWorker administrator achieve a recovery of an EMC NetWorker resource database?

A.    Perform a browsable recovery of the /nsr/index directory
B.    Rebuild the database with nsrck command
C.    Recover the SYSTEM save set
D.    Recover the bootstrap save set with mmrecov

Answer: D

Which EMC NetWorker daemon provides client files system information?

A.    nsrfsra
B.    nsrexecd
C.    nsrlcpd
D.    nsrindexd

Answer: A

A backup administrator wants to verify that data was successfully written to an AFTD. Which window in NMC would the administrator select to go gather this information?

A.    Media
B.    Devices
C.    Configuration
D.    Monitoring

Answer: A

What is a characteristic of how the EMC NetWorker modules integrate with native applications?

A.    EMC NetWorker module acts as an intermediate layer between EMC NetWorker and the native application.
B.    The application vendor provides EMC NetWorker module to allow data protection with EMC NetWorker.
C.    EMC NetWorker module runs on EMC NetWorker server and acts as an intermediate layer for backup
data from EMC NetWorker client.
D.    EMC NetWorker module runs on EMC NetWorker storage node and acts as an intermediate layer for
backup data from EMC NetWorker client.

Answer: A

An EMC NetWorker Administrator wants to start all of the EMC NetWorker processes on a Solaris server.
Which command would run?

A.    /etc/init.d/networker start
B.    /etc/rc2.d/gst start
C.    /sbin/int.d/networker start
D.    /sbin/init.d/gst start

Answer: A

Your Windows environment consists of several EMC NetWorker servers on the same subnet that is responsible for backing up only specific clients for security reasons. You need to change one backup client’s NetWorker server to allow it to be backed up by both NWServer-A and NWServer-B. Which file do you need to change in order to meet this requirement?

A.    \nsr\res\servers on Networker Client
B.    \nsr\res\nsrdb\dbg on NetWorker Server
C.    \nsr\mm\nsrim.priv on Storage Node
D.    Networkr.cfg on NMC Server

Answer: A

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