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Vendor: Symantec
Exam Code: 250-270
Exam Name: Administration of Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Unix

A company has just expanded the Symantec NetBackup 7.0 environment by adding an additional media server. What is the fastest way to update several hundred Symantec NetBackup clients with the new media server information?
A.    run the update_all_clients script
B.    run the add_media_server_on_clients script
C.    specify the new media server in the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface
D.    specify the new media server in the client properties

Answer: B

A tape library had the robot firmware upgraded and now the robot is reading the barcodes with additional characters. What can be set so that Symantec NetBackup 7.0 uses the same characters as before the firmware upgrade occurred?

A.    Media ID generation
B.    Media ID display
C.    media type mapping
D.    barcode rules

Answer: A

Which two media status designations are excluded in the count against maximum number of partially full media? (Select two.)

A.    Frozen
B.    Imported
C.    Active
D.    Available
E.    Inactive

Answer: AB

An administrator has created three BasicDisk storage units within the NetBackup Administration Console (STU-A, STU-B, and STU-C). The administrator needs to create a backup policy that evenly rotates use of each of these storage units during backup. How can the policies or storage units be set up to accomplish this?

A.    set up each of the policies to use “Any Available” storage unit
B.    set up a storage unit group for these STUs and select “Failover” option for storage unit selection
C.    set up a storage unit group for these STUs and select “Least recently selected storage unit” option
D.    set up a storage unit group for these STUs and select “Choose storage units based on order specified above” option

Answer: C
An organization has Symantec NetBackup 7.0 client machines with a large number of files distributed across multiple file systems that are being backed up to a library with high-speed tape drives. Which two steps should the administrator take to ensure the greatest number of backup streams are active concurrently? (Select two.)

A.    select the “Enable multiple data streams” policy attribute and edit the “Maximum jobs per client” master server host property
B.    create a “Media Server Load Balancing” type storage unit group to enable additional backup streams to become active simultaneously
C.    enable the client-side deduplication feature so that only unique data is sent from the client to the media server
D.    select the Enable multiplexing attribute within the storage unit and the policy schedule
E.    configure the “Max drives this master” attribute to the number of tape drives that are available within the library

Answer: AD

Where are exclude list configurations stored?

A.    media server
B.    master server
C.    client
D.    Enterprise Media Manager (EMM) server

Answer: C

The configuration parameters MIN_GB_SIZE_PER_DUPLICATION_JOB and IMAGE_EXTENDED_RETRY_PERIOD_IN_HOURS are part of the configuration for which feature?

A.    Catalog Replication
B.    FlashBackup
C.    Storage Lifecycle Policy
D.    NetBackup Vault

Answer: C

Which two items are required to use the Catalog Recovery Wizard? (Select two.)

A.    BMR file
B.    media used for the catalog backup
C.    catalog backup policy
D.    DR file
E.    critical policy list

Answer: BD
Which two statements are true about the function of the Initiate Import utility in Symantec Netbackup 7.0? (Select two.)

A.    Phase I creates a list of expired images.
B.    Phase II lists and creates image files from tape or disk.
C.    Phase I reads and creates image files in the image database.
D.    Phase I requires each tape to be mounted if tape media is used.
E.    Phase II imports the backups and creates fragments.

Answer: AD

Which two types of information are displayed in the Tape Summary report? (Select two.)

A.    the number of tapes that are suspended
B.    the number of tapes that are offsite
C.    the number of tapes that are using compression
D.    the number of tapes that are active
E.    the number of tapes each client is using

Answer: AD

A restore must be performed. The administrator is trying to view the valid images for a client, but the following error occurs:
WARNING: Server does not contain any valid images.
Which two may be incorrectly configured? (Select two.)

A.    schedule type for restores
B.    destination client for restores
C.    server to use for backups and restores
D.    media server for backups and restores
E.    policy types for restore

Answer: CE

How long will a failed restore job remain in an incomplete state prior to being moved to a done state?

A.    one day
B.    three days
C.    seven days
D.    until the administrator cancels the restore job

Answer: C
An administrator successfully creates a disk pool for Symantec NetBackup 7.0, then attempts to create a new storage unit using the bpstuadd command. In the bpstuadd command, the storage unit name is specified as diskpool1_storageunit-#01. An error message is returned indicating the storage unit name is invalid. How should the storage unit name be modified to fix the problem?

A.    remove the “-” from the name
B.    remove all the numbers from the name
C.    remove the “#” from the name
D.    shorten the name to fewer than twenty characters

Answer: C

Catalog configuration can be configured to email which file to aid in catalog recovery?

A.    BMR file
B.    master server config file
C.    support script output
D.    DR file

Answer: D

An administrator is remotely logged into a Symantec NetBackup 7.0 server via the terminal window and needs to configure robots and drives. Which command should be used to complete the configuration?

A.    vmconf
B.    tpreq
C.    nbdevconfig
D.    tpconfig

Answer: D

In a Symantec NetBackup 7.0 environment, where does the image database reside?

A.    within the EMM database
B.    on the media server
C.    on the master server
D.    within the master server’s Sybase database

Answer: C

Which two databases are used by Symantec NetBackup 7.0? (Select two.)

A.    Media
B.    Image
C.    Volume
D.    EMM
E.    Device

Answer: BD

A Symantec NetBackup 7.0 environment uses a multi-tiered architecture. Which system functions as the top tier?

A.    media server
B.    enterprise client
C.    client
D.    master server

Answer: D

A collection of all backup data from a client is assembled into a single stream and written to tape or disk. What is this called?

A.    file metadata
B.    backup policy
C.    catalog .f file
D.    backup image

Answer: D

Which Symantec NetBackup 7.0 volume pool is created by default?

A.    Data
B.    Scratch
C.    None
D.    Catalog

Answer: C

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