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Which daemon is required on the client if an ethernet device gets its IP address from a central server?

A.    dhcp
B.    dhcpcd
C.    bootpd
D.    ethd
E.    dhcpd

Answer: B

Which TWO of the following wireless tools can be used to check the wireless network link quality?

A.    iwconfig
B.    iwlink
C.    iwscan
D.    iwifi
E.    iwspy

Answer: AE

Given this excerpt from an Apache configuration file, which of the numbered lines has INCORRECT syntax?
1: <VirtualHost *:80>
2: ServerAdmin [email protected]
3: DocumentRoot /home/http/admin
4: ServerName admin.server.example.org
5: DirectoryIndex index.php default.php
6: ErrorLog logs/admin.server.example.org-error_log
7: CustomLog logs/admin.server.example.org-access_log common
8: </VirtualHost>

A.    1
B.    1 and 4
C.    1, 4 and 7
D.    1 and 5
E.    None. The configuration is valid

Answer: E

Please enter the complete command to create a new password file for HTTP basic authentication (/home/http/data/web _passwd) for user john.
Answer: /usr/sbin/htpasswd -c /home/http/data/web_passwd john

Select the TWO correct statements about the following excerpt from httpd.conf:
<Directory /var/web/dir1>
<Files private.html>
Order allow, deny
Deny from all

A.    The configuration will deny access to /var/web/dir1/private.html, /var/web/dirl/subdir2/private.html, /var/web/dirl/subdir3/private.html and any other instance of private.html found under the /var/web/dir1/directory.
B.    The configuration will deny access to /var/web/dir1/private.html, but it will allow access to /var/web/dirl/subdir2/private.htm1, for example.
C.    The configuration will allow access to any file named private.html under /var/web/dir1, but it will deny access to any other files
D.    The configuration will allow access just to the file named private.html under /var/web/dir1
E.    The configuration will allow access to /var/web/private.html, if it exists

Answer: AE

Considering the following excerpt from the httpd.conf file, select the correct answer below:
AllowOverride AuthConfig Indexes

A.    The Indexes directive in the excerpt allows the use of other index-related directives such as DirectoryIndex
B.    Both directives AuthConfig and Indexes found in the server’s .htaccess file will be overridden by the same directives found in the httpd.conf file
C.    The AuthConfig used in the excerpt allows the use of other authentication-related directives such as AuthType
D.    The excerpt is incorrect, as the AllowOverride cannot be used with Indexes, since the latter cannot be overridden
E.    The excerpt is incorrect, because AllowOverride cannot be used inside a Location section

Answer: E

Which of the following lines in the Apache configuration file would allow only clients with a valid
certificate to access the website?

A.    SSLCA conf/ca.crt
B.    AuthType ssl
C.    IfModule libexec/ssl.c
D.    SSLRequire
E.    SSLVerifyClient require

Answer: E

What directive can be used in named.conf to restrict zone transfers to the network?
Answer: allow-transfer {; };

With which parameter in the smb.conf file can a share be hidden?
Answer: browseable

Which TWO of the following options are valid, in the /etc/exports file?

A.    rw
B.    ro
C.    rootsquash
D.    norootsquash
E.    uid

Answer: AB

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