2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Oracle 1Z0-272 Exam Questions

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-272
Exam Name: Hyperion Planning 9.3 Administrator I & II

What are the requirements for creating data forms? (Choose five.)
A.    Member formulas
B.    Task lists
C.    Data form properties
D.    Access rights
E.    Row and column layout
F.    POV definitions
G.    Display options

Answer: CDEFG

Which statement(s) is/are true about task list navigation? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Basic mode provides you with a wizard to guide you through task list steps.
B.    Advanced mode enables you to work with task lists and Planning functions that you have access to simultaneously.
C.    None of the above

Answer: AB

Planning units consist of: (Choose three.)

A.    A version
B.    A scenario
C.    An entity
D.    A time period
E.    A currency

Answer: ABC

In member selection, the ____________function retrieves members at ALL LEVELS BELOW a specified parent.

A.    Ancestors
B.    BottomOfHierarchy
C.    Children
D.    Descendants

Answer: D

Which text function is NOT available for an Essbase data source?

A.    CellText
B.    Date
C.    MemberAlias
D.    MemberDescription

Answer: D

Which options are specified when creating Analytic Services data load rules? (Choose five.)

A.    File delimiters
B.    Associated outline
C.    Header information
D.    Column fields and replace text strings
E.    Interface table mappings
F.    Member names to column fields mappings

Answer: ABCDF

When using the MemberName function in a row heading, which parameter does NOT support the Current keyword?
<<MemberName(“GridName”, Row, “DimName”)>>

A.    DimName
B.    GridName
C.    Row
D.    None of the above

Answer: A

Which report objects can you save in the repository and reuse in multiple reports? (Choose three.)

A.    Text boxes
B.    Images
C.    Charts
D.    Report footers
E.    Data cells

Answer: ABC

When defining the Dimension Layout of a grid, the report designer may move dimensions into all of the following areas except for:

A.    Cells
B.    Columns
C.    Pages
D.    Rows

Answer: A

After assigning data access rights to data forms, task lists, and process management, you must:

A.    Run the CalcAll business rule
B.    Refresh the Analytic Services database
C.    Refresh Planning
D.    (None of the above)

Answer: C

View the Exhibit. The report below was created using two columns, Actual and Budget. Functions were used to display the periods in the columns. February was selected as the current Point of View for the year. Which functions were used to define the Year dimension members?


A.    Range, Children
B.    Range, Property
C.    Range, RelativeMember
D.    Range, SystemMemberList

Answer: C

Which data-entry tasks can you perform in Planning data forms? (Choose six.)

A.    Launch business rules to perform predefined calculations on data that you enter
B.    Spread data from summary to base periods automatically
C.    Export data to a spreadsheet
D.    Annotate planning units, accounts, or cells
E.    Adjust existing data and add supporting details
F.    Modify data in display-only cells
G.    Import data directly from a flat file
H.    Type data directly into cells on a data-entry form

Answer: ABCDEH

View the Exhibit. Given the information above, what is the total number of cells per block in the database?


A.    17000
B.    18500
C.    19000
D.    None of the above

Answer: C

You assign access to dimension members with the following:

A.    ImportSecurity utility
B.    Form Management
C.    BPM Architect Dimension editor
D.    None of the above

Answer: A

Which statement is true regarding row and column templates?

A.    Can modify cell text
B.    Can automatically save changes by saving the report
C.    Can use inherit formatting
D.    Can modify formulas

Answer: C

Which Planning data form tasks can you perform with Smart View? (Choose six.)

A.    View form instructions
B.    Adjust data
C.    Manipulate data with ad hoc adjustments
D.    Enter supporting detail and cell text
E.    Launch business rules
F.    Modify data in display-only cells
G.    Lock and spread values to base periods

Answer: ABCDEG

How many user variables can you set up for each dimension?

A.    0 (none)
B.    3
C.    Unlimited
D.    None of the above

Answer: C

A user sets up a Choices list for the Scenario dimension of the Profit database to limit his user Point of View selections to Actual and Budget. This limits the user’s member selection to:

A.    All reports generated for any database connection
B.    All reports generated for the Profit database connection
C.    Only the currently selected grid that retrieves data from the Profit database connection
D.    Only the currently selected report that retrieves data from the Profit database connection

Answer: B

Which process state signifies that a planning unit has been rejected?

A.    Approved
B.    Under Review
C.    First Pass
D.    Not Started
E.    Signed Off
F.    Not Signed Off

Answer: F

When you are logged into a Microsoft Office application, you can import reports and snapshots from Workspace though what integration?

A.    Smart View
B.    Smart List
C.    Integration Manager
D.    None of the above

Answer: A

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