2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Citrix 1Y0-A19 Exam Questions (21-30)

Which two issues can an administrator use XDPing to resolve? (Choose two.)

A.    Time difference between the Virtual Desktop Agent and the Controller
B.    Any errors within the Event Viewer of the Virtual Desktop Agent and the Controller
C.    The connection to the SQL database for both the virtual Desktop Agent and Controller
D.    The forward and reverse lookup on the DNS server of the Virtual Desktop Agent and Controller

Answer: AD

What starting up a Virtual Desktop Agent, the desktop becomes unresponsive in the BIOS with the message, ‘Connecting to Provisioning services. Please wait……’
What would cause the desktop to delay during the startup process?

A.    The target device does NOT have an IP address.
B.    The Virtual Desktop Agent was incorrectly installed.
C.    The vDisk cache type is NOT set to `Cache on server disk’.
D.    The Stream Service is stopped on the Provisioning services host.

Answer: D

An administrator is not able to create virtual machines using Machine Creation Services.
What cause this issue?

A.    Storage is configured as LVM.
B.    There is NOT enough storage for the virtual machines.
C.    The Controller CANNOT communicate with the license server.
D.    The master image does NOT have the latest version of the Virtual Desktop Agent.

Answer: B

A XenDesktop site has two Controllers: Controller A and Controller B. The site is using Active Directory-based discovery. What would happen to the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) if Controller A is removed from the site?

A.    No connections can be made until Controller A comes back online.
B.    The VDA will re-query Active Directory and register with Controller B.
C.    All VDAs registered to Controller A must be restarted to discover Controller B.
D.    Any users logged on to the VDA that is registered with Controller A will be disconnected.

Answer: B

How should an administrator deliver applications from two departmental XenApp farms into a single XenDestop virtual machine?

A.    Install multiple XenApp plug-ins
B.    Create several Web Interface sites
C.    Aggregate the farms using the Web Interface
D.    Consolidate the two farms into a single zone

Answer: C

Which two steps should an administrator take to disable defragmentation on the target devices in a XenDesktop environment? (Choose two)

A.    Edit the properties of the target device
B.    Put the vDisk in Standard Image Mode
C.    Run the Provisioning Server Device Optimizer
D.    install the target device software on a virtual machine

Answer: CD

An administrator created a catalog that contains 360 desktops, and then created a shared desktop group that contains 175 desktops from that catalog.
To ensure that end users always have enough desktops during peak hours, the administrator set up a buffer using the default settings.
How many desktops will be reserved in the buffer?

A.    17
B.    36
C.    60
D.    75

Answer: A

An administrator is able to monitor data for the Windows 7 machines in an environment but cannot monitor the same information for Windows XP machines. What is missing on the Windows XP machines?

A.    EdgeSight Agent
B.    .Net Framework
C.    SQL native client
D.    Windows Remote Management 2.0

Answer: D

Which administrative role provides the minimum permissions necessary to allow an administrator to monitor a XenDesktop environment?

A.    Machine administrator
B.    Help desk administrator
C.    Read-only administrator
D.    Desktop group administrator

Answer: C

An administrator needs to support 2500 target devices from a single Provisioning services host which would be the best configuration to support a single standard-mode vDisk image for all 2500 targets?

A.    Virtual machine with 2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM and four 1 Gbps network adapters
B.    Virtual machine with 4 vCPUs, 4GB RAM and three 1 Gbps network adapters
C.    Physical machine with 2 hex-core processors, 8 GB RAM and two 1 Gbps network adapters
D.    Physical machine with 2 quad-core processors, 4GB RAM and one 10 Gbps network adapter

Answer: C

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